Get the inner Kid out

People who know me know that partially I’m still a twelve-year old, on the inside. I like shiny things, Gadgets and Toys, do and say crazy stuff no-one expects. But running a photography business is mostly serious stuff. There are deadlines, schedules, clients, budgets (or no budgets,usually), art directors… the lot. Thats somewhat a serious job to do. A fun job, no denying that, but a job nevertheless

But it’s so important just to have fun with a camera as well. Take a flash out in the middle of the night to some empy terrain and make some funny pictures. Which is exactly what I did with two friends, Kris & Wouter a couple of nights ago.

And to finish off we also did a decent portrait.

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A Racing Star

A little preview of a shoot I did last friday. I was asked to shoot some promoshots in a car workshop. I love shooting in these places. They have so much character. See for yourself. (And yes that IS an original rear engine Renault R5 turbo)


A few weeks ago I shot a few images for Mobistar magazine. including one of myself(not joking). Not the easiest task ever. This on didn't end up in the magazine but is my personal favorite.



In Black & White. Some snapshots from last week during a four day studio shoot. Deborah @ Flagmodels Hair & Make-up: Saima Rashid Bargfrede [Shot on a Leica M-E with a 50mm F2 Summicrom]

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